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How I Should Prepare for Phlebotomy Practice Test and Final Exam?

Keep up with your phlebotomy homework. If you attend phlebotomy class regularly, keep up with readings, and take notes conscientiously, studying can be a relatively pain-free process. Make sure to review and expand upon class notes regularly throughout the duration of your class. Consider developing a glossary or collection of note cards for vocabulary review in each class. Many students find that preparing for an individual class for 60-90 minutes per day, five or six days per week, will leave them well-prepared at  phlebotomy state exam timeTo assist students with organization at finals time, phlebotomy practice test compiled a couple of time management tools that are included with your free phlebotomy practice test. Try studying for 60-90 minutes per day for a week leading up to phlebotomy state exam. All-nighters simply don’t work for most people, and  phlebotomy students experience declining returns on their efforts when they attempt to study for four and five hours straight. While taking phlebotomy practice test try not to multi-task. Set aside some time to study in advance and take each phlebotomy practice test with a fresh mind. If you have outstanding questions go ask your phlebotomy instructor at least three days before the phlebotomy state board exam.

Finding a group of phlebotomy students or co employees is an ideal time to review and compare notes, ask each other questions, explain ideas to each other, discuss the upcoming phlebotomy exam and difficult phlebotomy practice test questions. In class make sure you keep your ears open.  Sleeping hours are often the time when we completely synthesize information, especially topics we’ve covered in the couple of hours before bedtime. You want to be as fresh as possible and able to fully engage your working memory when you take the phlebotomy board exam. Also, don’t stop exercising or taking time for yourself, even at final exam time.

Develop a good ‘morning-of’ routine. Eat a healthy breakfast. If music gets you going, go ahead and play something upbeat. Get a bit of physical exercise, even if it’s a brief stretch or brisk walk. If you’re feeling nervous, record your fears on paper or use mental imagery to envision doing something that you enjoy and then apply those feelings towards the exam. Think of preparing like an athlete before a contest or a musician before a performance. When you first receive the exam, glance over the entire test before you start.

Create a plan of attack. Write down any key terms or formulas that you’ll need before starting. Think about how you’ll use the time allotted. Read the directions carefully. If something doesn’t make sense to you, ask the phlebotomy instructor.  Use the process of elimination on multiple-choice and matching questions. Also, for multiple choice questions, you may wish to cover the options first and try to answer the question on your own. That way, you’ll find the answer options less confusing. As you prepare for multiple choice phlebotomy state board exam, make sure to be aware of context, relationships and positional among concepts, and multiple definitions of terms. A deep understanding of vocabulary is a key to success on multiple-choice phlebotomy state board exam.  Focus on the question at hand. If you complete the test one step at a time, you are much less likely to find it to be overwhelming.  If you are stuck on a question, bypass it. Mark the question off, so you can return to it at the end of the exam. If you have time at the end of the exam, go back and proofread your work and look over multiple-choice questions again. Check to see that you have answered every question before you turn in the exam. But remember, your first answer is usually your best answer. Be extremely cautious about changing answers later on.

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Testing prevents interference from prior material when learning new material


Our phlebotomy practice test have the same kind of questions you’ve been taught when you took phlebotomy training classes – and the same ones you’ll be answering when you take the real written examination. All test questions are based on current course materials, including the 2017 Phlebotomy Handbook 9th Edition testing, which is the written test that most states use. Some of our questions are even identical to those that you’ll see on the state exam.


You will have the ability to choose one of the specific phlebotomy practice tests to focus on topics you learned in your phlebotomy course. When you’re ready, try our Phlebotomy Certification Exam Simulator. It is designed to train students for the official exam, so it has the same number of questions, presented in the same way as the actual phlebotomy state exam administered at all test centers nationwide.

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I used the phlebotomy practice test program 3-4 times a week and loved it! The detailed explanations help me to learn and understand questions that my school did not teach. Having both the step-by-step mode, as well as the test mode has been really helpful. I scored 96% on my national exam, thanks phlebotomy practice test!

Sarini Zappa, siteweb.com

Our overall experience was good and we were happy with the product. We found that the site was very user-friendly. My daughter nailed the test and I would totally recommend phlebotomy practice test to anyone. The questions are very similar to final exam and having 17 practice quizzes really helped. I was the first one to finish the exam in my class and passed with a honors score.

Sharon Kerbachi, RN

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Karen Zappata, CPT 1


You’ve finished your phlebotomy course (or some other phlebotomy training program) and now it’s time to prepare for your certification exam. You may have heard that the examination is challenging. Maybe you’re even a little worried about passing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be totally confident when you walk in to take the test? With our help, you can!